Latest News : ANZAC Day Extra Services

ANZAC Day Extra Services


G:link services for ANZAC Day, Monday 25 April 2016, have been extended to help you get to and from the ANZAC Day services.

If you’re planning on catching the trams to an ANZAC Day service on the coast, we’ll be extending our 15 minute frequency starting from 4am to 7am. Normal services will resume at the 7.5 minute frequency from 7am.


Remember that there may be crowds, so plan both your ticketing and group movements with that in mind. Using a go card is a quick way to ensure that you and your group all have valid tickets for travel on the tram. Paper tickets are available for purchase at stations as well.

When you have your tickets and the next tram arrives, push the illuminated button on the tram to open the door. Make sure everyone is ready and all board at the same time. Once on board, remember to hold on, or sit down at all times, while on board the tram.

Call TransLink on 13 12 30 for info on fares, ticketing and ticket retailers, journey planning and general public transport info, or visit