Latest News : Christmas at G:link

Christmas at G:link


We all need a little less stress at Christmas time. To help with that, we’re continuing normal services all throughout the summer holidays. That means you can relax, knowing that you can get to work or play as you normally do, without worrying about reduced services over public holidays.

We can also be your designated driver at the Christmas party this year, with 24 hour services over the weekend and running till midnight during the week (as normal).

The G: runs straight past two major shopping centres, so if you don’t want the hassle of dealing with holiday parking, jump on the trams to get there in air conditioned comfort.

Just remember to purchase your ticket or touch on at the station before hopping on board and touch off again at the end if you’re using a go card or Gold Coast go explore card.

Head over to to plan your journey and let us help you stress less this holiday season

Wait does that mean you’ll be running on Christmas Day and Boxing Day?

Yep! So if you want to escape the Christmas pudding (or the rellies who’ve had a bit too much Christmas cheer…) we’ll whiz you down to the beach where you can cool off in the surf.

PS: We are running extra services over New Year’s Eve. Click here to read more about that.