Latest News : Event Day 2 (6 April 2018)

Event Day 2 (6 April 2018)


Passengers to and from Broadbeach South, Broadbeach North, Southport or Helensvale stations are likely to experience delays during the day in terms of boarding the tram.

Southport area will be busy from 12pm, and this is likely to impact northbound and southbound services.

Peak time is anticipated to be around 10pm, in both northbound and southbound directions. This will be due to the finishing times of swimming, netball, lawn bowls, hockey and boxing events.

If travelling to or from these events it may be worthwhile arriving to the event earlier or leaving the venue later.

Check out our timetable below.

To check out expected peak travel times around our stations, other transport hubs and local roads during GC2018 visit the GC2018 Travel Map.  To plan your journey, visit the GC2018 Journey Planner  or download the GC2018 app.

Please keep in mind, that while we can estimate peak travel times based on events around the network, these are estimates only. There may be delays at times outside of those listed above. We highly suggest leaving yourself extra time to travel during this two week period. We apologise for any delays and please be assured we will get you moving as soon as possible.