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Fares and Ticketing


TransLink manages fares and ticketing across South East Queensland, including the G:link trams.

There are standard tickets and fare prices throughout the network, to allow you to travel seamlessly on any TransLink bus, train, ferry and G:link tram. For more information about fares and ticketing, including full terms and conditions, visit or call 13 12 30 anytime.

Ticket options

Passengers riding the G: have access to a number of ticket options.

go Card

go card allows you to travel seamlessly on any TransLink bus, train, ferry and G:link tram. Simply top up, touch on and touch off. go card automatically calculates the best available fare, including any transfers, discounts and savings.

Paper Tickets

Single paper tickets are valid for one-way journeys only and can be used on any service within two hours. Single paper tickets are available on board buses and from fare machines.

go Explore

A  ticket that allows unlimited one day travel on all TransLink bus and tram (G:link) services on the Gold Coast.


This ticket is great for tourists travelling around South East Queensland on the TransLink network, and gives more than $700 in offers and discounts to use at more than 80 destinations.

Purchasing your ticket

There are over 500 places where you can buy a go card, and more than 1000 places to top up, including selected 7-Eleven stores, the TransLink website, and G:link and Queensland Rail stations.

Visit or call 13 12 30 to find out more about prices and locations for purchasing your tickets.

You will not be able to purchase a ticket once on board the G: so make sure that you arrive early enough to top up your go card, or to purchase your paper ticket in time.


Through the zone structure, travelling anywhere on the G: will cost a standard fare. For example, travelling from Gold Coast University Hospital to Broadbeach South station will cost the same as travelling between Northcliffe and Broadbeach South.

Click here to read more about zones.

You can also use TransLink’s journey planner to calculate the fare for your own specific journey. Visit and follow the links.


The standard fare as of 19 December 2016 for an adult using a go card for the entire trip along the G:link system (1 zone) is $3.20 or $2.56 during off-peak.

Fares are calculated at either an adult or concession rate and based on the number of zones you travel through during your journey.

These fares are standard throughout the TransLink public transport network and all concessions and travel conditions that currently apply for buses and trains on the Gold Coast apply when using G:link.

You can travel across modes (bus, train, tram) on one ticket. For more information on fares and ticketing, journey planning and general public transport information, please visit or call 13 12 30 anytime.