Latest News : How to use the Light Rail

A computer-generated mock up of a G:link tram crossing the intersection of Nerang St and High St with the old Gold Coast Hospital building in the background

How to use the Light Rail


Catching the tram is just like catching any other form of public transport. Follow all instructions and remember to be courteous to other passengers to make G:link an enjoyable service for everyone.

Find where you want to go

Look at the station route to find where you are and where you want to go.

Make sure that you go to the correct platform (northbound/southbound).

You can download the My G: app for your mobile, or visit the station page to check the station nearest to you and your destination.

Buy and validate your ticket

Catching the Gold Coast light rail is easy with TransLink’s go card. The fare on the G:link is the same as the bus fare over the same route. With big discounts on offer by using a go card, this is the natural ticket choice for regular customers. Simply touch on at the reader on the platform at the beginning of your journey and then touch off again at the end when you disembark.

Your fare will be automatically deducted from your card balance. Single use paper tickets will also be available for one-off travel.

The light rail network has been designed for full bus to light rail connectivity at key locations, and the best news is that your ticket covers both modes within the same zones, at no extra cost! For full details on discounts, benefits and zone fares, please check out the TransLink website at:, or call directly on 13 12 30.

Get on board

Once you are ready to board the tram, wait on the platform behind the safety line and wait for passengers to exit the tram before getting on board.

Once you board the tram, make sure you stand clear of the doors and hold on to a pole or seat back if you’re standing as trams may brake suddenly.

The G: trams are the first in the world to be able to carry surfboards, so please make use of them and use the storage racks for your surfboard at all times.

The trams also have allocated spaces for passengers using wheelchairs, prams, or mobility aids. Please be sure to make these areas available for people who need them.

Exit the tram

The trams have information displays which show the next stops, and also announcements to alert passengers about the next station. Make sure that you are prepared and ready to exit the tram as you pull into the station, to allow time for the other passengers to board.

Once off the station, remember to ‘touch off’ with your go card.

Leave the station

All stations are accessible via ramps to provide improved access for passengers with prams, who use mobility aids (wheelchairs, scooters or motorised vehicles), or who find using stairs difficult. There are designated crossing points near each station. When crossing, be sure to watch out for trams coming in both directions and cross when signalled to do so.


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