Latest News : Nobody likes a Freeloader- Just buy a Ticket

Nobody likes a Freeloader- Just buy a Ticket


It’s been a long time coming but we are happy to announce that our fourth and final Freeloader video for this year has been released!

We all know that one person who can never be counted on to pay their share of anything. Whether it’s rent, internet or group lunch – they always have a reason for why they can’t chip in. It’s not fair, and we’ve decided to call them out on it.

Choosing to travel without a ticket is the same as not bringing anything to the picnic lunch – you’re expecting other people to cover for you.

It’s easy to buy or validate your ticket on the G:. Select a ticket for travel in zone 5, if purchasing a paper ticket, or touch your go card to a card reader on the station platform at the beginning and end of each trip.

While travelling on the G: you may have your ticket checked. Fines for fare evasion are $252; or you can buy a ticket for $4.60. Your choice.

Check out our newest Freeloader video here.

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You can find all our Freeloader videos on our YouTube channel.

For more information about ticketing, fares or how to plan your journey visit TransLink or call 13 12 30 anytime.