Latest News : Separations and what to do

Separations and what to do


Sometimes when travelling in groups, people get separated. Whether that’s while shopping, at events, sightseeing, or even riding the G:

It’s never a fun experience, and we want you to minimise the chance as much as possible. Here are some tips not only to avoid becoming separated on the G: but also to reunite if it does happen.

How to avoid becoming separated on the G:

  • Make sure everyone has a valid ticket before boarding. If a tram pulls up while a member of your group is still purchasing tickets, wait until the next tram arrives; most of the time that’s only a delay of a few minutes, and much less than the time it takes to reunite if someone gets separated.
  • When a tram pulls up, make sure everyone is ready to board the tram. That means everyone is waiting together behind the yellow line, ready to step on board.
  • Have a designated person whose job it is to make sure everyone is on board. Whether that’s Mum or Dad, a teacher, a group leader, or just someone responsible, they make sure everyone gets on and off together and that no one is distracted or left behind. (For all the Lilo and Stitch fans out there: #ohana.)
  • Make sure everyone knows which station your group is getting on and off at. That means that each person is aware of where they are going and not relying on one or two people to tell everyone.

Sometimes it does happen, though, and it’s always better to be prepared than caught out. Here are some tips on what to do if a separation occurs, and how to reunite.

How to reunite

  • Have a plan. If separated, choose whether the person/people on board will get off at the next station and wait for the rest of the group, or if everyone will travel to their intended station and regroup there.
  • Call. This is easiest when adults are involved; just give each other a call on your mobile and work out how, when and where you will catch up again.
  • Use the help point. Help points connect you directly to our operational control centre (OCC) and can be found at every station and on board the tram near every door. If you are, or someone else is, separated from your family or group, particularly when one of those is young, elderly, or requires special help, this is the most reliable way for us to be able to help you.
  • Ask one of our staff on the tram or at the station, who can get in contact with our OCC and help you reunite your group.

What we do to help

  • All of our staff are in constant contact with the operational control centre (OCC), which has real-time access to cameras at every station and along the tram network and can monitor a situation remotely. They are also in contact with all of our staff including drivers and customer service staff. Our OCC staff will coordinate a response and advise you of what we’re doing.
  • The timetable allows for trams to stop for a reasonable time at each station to let passengers enter and exit the tram without having to rush.
  • We want to help reconnect you as quickly as possible and make your experience on the G: as enjoyable as possible.

A special note on drivers

Tram drivers will not always know if a group becomes separated, even if you gesture at their window at the front of the tram. All of us at G:link, including our drivers, care about you and all of our passengers. The best-placed staff to contact in case of a separation are our Customer Service Officers (or any staff in G:link uniform on a platform or the tram) or our operational control centre through help points on stations and aboard the trams.

Drivers can’t always leave the cab to assist with a separation and are required to stay with the vehicle and continue the service for our other passengers as well. That’s why it’s important to be prepared, both to avoid the chance of becoming separated and to have a plan if it does occur.

We understand that separations on public transport can be scary, and we are always here to help you, so please use the call buttons to get in touch with us as soon as possible.