Latest News : Think Safe. Stay Safe.

Think Safe. Stay Safe.


Think Safe. Stay Safe.

Put safety first, and avoid the worst.  

Unsafe driving has been the largest cause of accidents around our trams. Risky behaviour, thoughtless actions and disobedience of road rules have caused a number of incidents or near misses around The G:.

Driving in a negligent or unsafe manner not only puts the driver of the vehicle at risk, it also risks the wellbeing of the passengers on the tram and other road users.

The road rules surrounding the alignment did not change with the introduction of The G:. All intersections along the alignment are signal controlled and U-turns are permitted where signed.

Accidents around our network can be avoided by following the road rules and acting in a safe manner around our trams.  It’s important to take care and be aware. Taking a moment to act safely around our alignment ensures the safety of yourself and every one of the passengers on our trams.

G:link is a strong supporter of everyone getting home safe. Always remember; Think Safe. Stay Safe.

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