Anzac Day 2024

Extra trams will be running on Anzac Day, 25 April, from 3.30am to help you get to dawn services. Our 15-minute frequency will begin from all stations at 3.30am and run through until 7am. Regular services will resume from 7am and continue as normal throughout the day.


Remember that there may be crowds, so plan ahead and ensure that you pay for your ticket before you board the G:.
Ticket options include:

go card: Using a go card is a quick and easy way to ensure that you and your group all have valid tickets for travel on the tram.

Smart Ticketing: If you are paying an adult fare, you can pay by tapping on and tapping off using a contactless Visa, Mastercard or American Express card, smartphone, or smart watch across the entire G:link network. Please present one card or device per passenger travelling. Continue to use your go card or purchase paper tickets if you wish to travel on a concession fare.

Paper tickets: Paper tickets are available for purchase at all G:link stations. Paper tickets are valid for one way travel only.

Fines apply if you are caught riding the G: without a valid ticket.

Veterans, their spouses and family members wearing medals on behalf of the Veterans, as well as participants in official proceedings wearing their full official uniform representing Scouting, Girl-Guides and Military associations (such as cadets from the Australian Army, Navy or Air Force) will receive free public transport travel on Anzac Day. Non-eligible travelers will need to have a valid ticket for travel. For conditions of travel visit translink.com.au.

For other information on planning your trip and fares, call Translink on 13 12 30 or visit translink.com.au

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