Who we are

On 6 May 2011, Queensland Premier Anna Bligh announced GoldlinQ as the successful proponent to operate Queensland’s first light rail system on the Gold Coast. GoldlinQ is a group of companies consisting of GoldlinQ Pty Ltd, McConnell Dowell Constructors Pty Ltd, Bombardier Transportation Australia Pty Ltd and KDR Gold Coast Pty Ltd. More detailed information about GoldlinQ’s partners can be found on the GoldlinQ page.

As Operator Franchisee of Stage One the Gold Coast light system, GoldlinQ is responsible for the design, construction, operations and maintenance. The design and construction element of the project will run for approximately three years from contract award. This includes the manufacture and supply of the trams and rail systems, track laying, station and structures, and the assembly of the overhead power supply. The operations and maintenance is for 15 years, which includes running tram services to the timetable, cleanliness and maintenance of the trams, and maintenance of the system infrastructure.

To support the effective delivery of Stage One of the light rail system, GoldlinQ developed a “Project Charter” (Charter). The Charter was developed over a number of months by GoldlinQ with the involvement of members of the Gold Coast community. GoldlinQ did this to ensure the contents of the Charter reflect what the Gold Coast needs from the delivery of Stage One, not only what GoldlinQ is aiming to achieve. GoldlinQ’s Charter is detailed below.
GoldlinQ Charter

Our Vision

LinQing the Gold Coast Community


To create a world class, sustainable, city changing, integrated light rail system for the future prosperity of the Gold Coast community.


The behaviours that we value are:

  • Caring for each other and always making safety our highest priority
  • Working together – one community, one project, one team, one success
  • Having pride in our product and service and celebrate our achievements
  • Displaying boldness, energy and passion in all that we do
  • Earning and delivering trust and respect through integrity, delivery, empathy and openness
  • Visible and active leadership at every level
  • Reliability- delivering on our commitments
  • Value the truth- challenge assumptions


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Our objectives are to:

  • Sustain a zero harm environment for our people, public, passengers and local communities
  • Be on time and reliable in design, construction and operation
  • Deliver a quality world class product, services and image
  • Provide economic and social benefits for our passengers our community, businesses and project partners
  • Demonstrate value for money for the State and community
  • Achieve maximum potential of the system by encouraging people out of cars, into the light rail and promoting future connections to Helensvale and the Gold Coast airport
  • Minimise environmental impacts and promote sustainable outcomes


To succeed we:

  • Think like a passenger: empower our people to improve passenger journeys, comfort and understanding and to promote public transport
  • Are led by the end result- operator led
  • Engage and communicate to achieve community ownership of the light rail system
  • Utilise world class expertise and best practice in leadership, management, technology and operations
  • Attract and retain quality people
  • Focus on the long term view
  • Achieve full integration- community, station destinations, transport providers and project partners
  • Achieve the right balance in the hard decisions

It is important to have the right personnel to effectively deliver Stage One of the light rail, and ensure the needs of the Gold Coast are being supported.