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Mobility Access

Mobility and getting around on the G:

As part of our ongoing commitment to making our network accessible for our customers, our service caters for passengers of all mobility levels. All aspects of the G:link network including vehicles, stations and access to stations are based on compliance with Disability Discrimination Act and Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport requirements.

To ensure the accessibility of our service to all passengers, our trams are virtually level with the platform. The level can alter a few centimetres depending on the number of people on board the tram. The platform and the tram have been designed to make it as easy as possible for everyone to board and exit the tram at the platform. Ramps are available for passengers who feel more confident using them or require them to board and disembark.


If you need assistance you should wait at the front boarding point (in the direction of travel), which is marked “Boarding Assistance” and signal the driver. If you want to talk to someone before boarding, please press the information point located on the station platform; this will link you to the operations control centre.

Before entering the tram, you will notice two buttons on the glass door; a blue button and a yellow button. When using your wheelchair or mobility scooter, please press the blue button. This will ensure that the door remains open longer until the driver closes the door to move to the next station (using the yellow button will mean that the door closes after a shorter period of time).

If you need assistance to board the tram, the driver will place a ramp between the platform and the tram at the assisted boarding point.

Once inside the tram and in the allocated space, you can alert the driver to your stopping point by pressing the yellow ‘stop’ button.


Every tram has allocated spaces for passengers using wheelchairs, prams, or mobility aids. These areas are in the 2nd and 6th carriages and can be identified by the blue push button on the doors and floor decals inside the tram. Once on board, station announcements identify the direction of the tram and the next stations. These announcements are complemented by screens on board which display the predicted time until arrival at the next 5 stations.


All stations are accessible via ramps to provide improved access for passengers using mobility aids (wheelchairs, scooters or motorised vehicles), parents with prams and elderly people. Passenger information displays list the next services for each platform and their expected arrival time. Each station has a blue marking on the station ground which identifies the carriages that have space allocated for wheelchairs, prams, or mobility aids.

Passengers will be able to access stations either directly from the side of the road, or for stations in the middle of the road, from nearby pedestrian crossings. There is always a safe way to access the station.

Gold Coast University Hospital Station

The Gold Coast University Hospital Station is the only G:link station located underground. As such, it has a few extra features that are not found at other stations. Passengers are able to access the station via lifts (elevators) and stairs on both sides of the platform, and escalators on the eastern side (towards the hospital). Public toilets, including wheelchair accessible amenities are available on the southbound platform. The station is a dual- platform station meaning that both north and southbound tracks run through the middle, with platforms either side. Passengers can cross between platforms at the northern end of the station via the signalised pedestrian crossing.

Helensvale Station

Helensvale station is the northern terminus of G:link and as such it has a few extra features that are not found at other stations. Passengers are able to use the lift (elevator) or the stairs to access the overpass to bus and train connections, and to exit the station towards Helensvale Westfield. Public toilets, including wheelchair accessible amenities are available in the main building on the ground floor (the floor adjacent to the light rail platform). Helensvale Station is an island platform station, meaning that both platforms are in the middle of the tracks. Passengers can easily exit from either light rail platform into the main building to access bus or train connections or to exit the building on either Town Centre Drive or Country Club Drive.