Latest News : Say hello to tap and go on G:link with Smart Ticketing

Say hello to tap and go on G:link with Smart Ticketing


G:link customers are the first to tap in to the Queensland Government’s $371 million world-class Smart Ticketing system launched across all 19 stations today.

You can now trial Smart Ticketing by tapping on and off using a go card, Mastercard or American Express contactless debit or credit card, smartphone or smart device to pay for adult fares across the entire G:link network with Smart Ticketing.

Whether you are a regular local commuter catching the G: to and from work each day or one of the many thousands of visitors travelling across our network, Smart Ticketing offers you flexibility, choice and convenience of contactless payment options.

To trial Smart Ticketing successfully, you need to:

  1. Prepare early – get your smart device ready or remove your card from your wallet or case ready to tap
  2. Tap on and off
  3. Tap on and off with the same card or device

Translink’s Street Team is also on the ground to help you tap in to the Smart Ticketing trial on G:link.

You can continue to use your go card or purchase paper tickets as usual, especially if you wish to travel on a concession fare.

Whilst only Mastercard and American Express have signed on early to support the Smart Ticketing trial on G:link, Translink expects all leading bank schemes will follow suit to offer Smart Ticketing in the future.

For more information visit or phone 13 12 30.