Latest News : Visa hops on board G:link with Smart Ticketing

Visa hops on board G:link with Smart Ticketing


Customers travelling on the Gold Coast Light Rail (G:link) now have another way to pay for their trips with Visa joining Mastercard and American Express as a Smart Ticketing payment option today.

General Manager, Translink Passenger Transport Strategy and Technology, Martin Bradshaw said today’s launch is good news for the 700,000 adult fare passengers with a Visa card who use the G:link every year.

“Visa’s launch with Smart Ticketing means even more adult customers travelling on the G:link can experience the convenience of paying with their contactless debit or credit card, smartphone or smart watch,” Mr Bradshaw said.

“Since the arrival of Smart Ticketing on the G:link in late 2020, over 100,000 trips have been taken using the new payment methods. Now that Visa is on board, we expect to see that number increase significantly.”

The Queensland Government is investing $371 million in the new Smart Ticketing solution that will make it easier for customers to catch public transport by providing more options to plan and pay for their journey.

Once delivered Smart Ticketing will be one of the most advanced ticketing systems in the world, set to rival the global ticketing networks in Singapore, New York, Chicago and London.

The Gold Coast is the first Smart Ticketing trial area in Queensland and plans are in place to fully implement the new system across South East Queensland and 18 regional urban networks by the end of 2022.

The 19-station G:link network that spans from Helensvale to Broadbeach South and connects city commuters with the Gold Coast features the new Smart Ticketing validators that are enabled with smart technology, larger screens, simplified messaging and a refined design to benefit the varying needs of customers.

Customers can use Smart Ticketing to pay for adult fares on the G:link in three easy steps.

  1. Remove their card from their wallet or have their smart device ready to tap
  2. Tap on and off
  3. Tap on and off with the same card or device.

For more information on the Smart Ticketing project, visit or phone 13 12 30.