Latest News : Keeping the G: clean

Keeping the G: clean


Did you know that every night, our entire fleet of trams undergoes a thorough cleaning process to help keep our passengers and staff safe? Teams of cleaners work to wipe down all surfaces onboard the tram with disinfectant including inside the driver cabins. They are meticulous with every aspect of the clean and ensure:

• All high touch areas such as buttons, handles and poles are thoroughly wiped down.
• The floors have been vacuumed, mopped and the seats cleaned.
• There are no signs of dirt, grime or graffiti.

Once the onboard cleaning is complete, it is thoroughly checked by the G:link team to ensure everything is up to scratch. No tram leaves the depot without our tick of approval!

Our team of roaming cleaners keep our stations tidy 24 hours a day and overnight they undergo regular deep cleans, when there are no trams in passenger service.

Watch how it’s done below:

What can you do to help us make your journey on the G: cleaner and safer? It’s simple, remember to play your part and follow these easy steps:
• wear a mask.
• leave a gap between yourself and others.
• be respectful of others and keep your feet off seats, don’t eat or drink onboard and put any rubbish you have in the bins on the platform.
• follow TransLink’s COVID-safe plan.

Your safety is our priority. Remember to treat our staff and your fellow passengers with respect – be safe, be cool, be kind – we’re all in this together. Thank you for travelling with us, it’s G:reat to have you onboard!