Latest News : RAIL SAFETY WEEK 12 – 18 AUGUST 2019



For this year’s Rail Safety Week, G:link is focusing on ‘Pedestrian Safety and Driving Safely around trams.’ Being safe on and around G:link trams is about more than just watching your step as you enter and exit the tram; or not checking your back before you cross the tracks; it’s about being aware of your surroundings. It’s easy to get complacent and rely on our habits, but those habits may not be safe ones.

Pedestrian Safety

To raise awareness about tram safety, we have some simple safety tips to follow when traveling by tram.


Slips, trips and falls are most likely to occur during the boarding phase of your journey. To help keep you safer, follow these simple tips to ensure you GET ON STRONG AND HOLD ON:

  • Ensure you have touched on with your go card at the station before you board
  • Always grip a handrail or strap while finding a seat or standing

On board

Once on board, following these tips will keep you traveling safer:

  • Find a seat and sit tight for the duration of your journey
  • If a seat isn’t available, use a feet-apart strong stance to stand strong, and grip right using a handrail or strap
  • Be aware and take care of those around you and TAKE A STAND offer your seat to those who are elderly, pregnant, injured or have a disability. Priority seats for these passengers are located on all trams.


At the end of your journey, ensure you exit safely and STEP OFF RIGHT:

  • Gather your things before the tram arrives at your stop
  • Don’t start moving towards the exit until the tram has come to a complete stop
  • Grip a handrail or strap as you exit, and don’t forgot to touch off

Crossing safely around trams

Trams can take much longer and further to stop than you may think. It’s important to be extra vigilant when crossing tram tracks, so here are some tips to keep you safe, and most importantly STICK TO THE PATH:

  • Pedestrians should cross tram tracks at designated pedestrian crossings only
  • Enter platforms at designated access points
  • Remember don’t rush to catch the tram, there is another one only minutes away

Driving safely around trams

Our tram network helps the Gold Coast community and visitors alike move over 32,000 passengers every day. But in some parts of our network our trams share intersections with other vehicles and road users. Because trams share these intersections, incidents can occur when car drivers don’t follow basic road rules. It’s important to know that the road rules didn’t change with the introduction of the tram 5 years ago.

Queensland road rules ensure the safe operation of the road network, including roads shared with trams. Here are some important rules relating to driving safely around trams.

  • Obey all signs and signals
  • Do not queue across the tracks
  • Perform U-Turns only where U-Turn permitted signs are displayed
  • Be aware that trams can approach from behind you when crossing the tracks; always check your mirrors before turning

By following the simple tips above, we can work together to ensure our passengers, staff and all pedestrians remain safe and if you’re behind the wheel of a car, that you get safe home to the ones you love. It’s not worth the risk. THINK SAFE. STAY SAFE.