Latest News : Think Safe, Stay Safe on and around the G:

Think Safe, Stay Safe on and around the G:


This Rail Safety Week we want to share tips on how users can be safe around and on the G:link network. This year the message is to “Think Safe, Stay Safe”.

Every day tram drivers need to be alert to passengers, pedestrians, motorists and bike riders who may take dangerous risks. These risks include doing illegal U-turns, not looking, walking, driving or riding on the tram tracks, or rushing to catch a tram.

While our tram drivers do an outstanding job in anticipating dangers, there are instances where the emergency brakes need to be applied, which affects everyone onboard. One mistake could lead to a life-changing event for everyone involved.

Trams can’t swerve to avoid an obstacle and because of their weight, they take time to stop. In fact, a tram travelling at 60km per hour takes 42.5 metres to stop – that’s the length of nine cars! Being unsafe on or around the G: is never worth the risk.

Tram safety is more than just watching your step when boarding the tram, it’s about being aware of your surroundings at all times. Whether you’re a passenger, pedestrian, cyclist or motorist it’s everyone’s job to Think Safe, Stay Safe on and around the G:.

To help make your journey safer when sharing the road with or travelling on the G:, check out these safety tips:

Boarding the G:

When boarding the tram, it’s important to follow these simple tips:

  • Only enter and exit the station platform at designated points via the pedestrian crossing. Do not walk through gardens, along the tracks or around fences.
  • Never rush to catch a departing tram – another tram is only minutes away. For your safety, after the driver closes the doors, they will not re-open them.
  • If you require more time to board the tram, wait in the boarding assistance areas. These are easily identified by the blue boarding assistance squares on the platform.
  • When the tram arrives, use the blue button on the door to enter the tram – this will hold the door open longer and alert the driver that you may need extra time to find a seat.

On board the G:

Once on board, follow these tips while you are travelling:

  • Find a seat and sit tight for the duration of your journey.
  • Use the priority seating area if you require it. Consider others who may need to use the priority seating area.
  • Don’t risk a slip, trip or fall! If a seat isn’t available, use a feet-apart strong stance and grip a handrail or strap until the end of your journey.
  • If you are traveling with a mobility scooter or wheelchair, we recommend that you park in the allocated spaces provided. Tram entry points are identified by blue boarding assistance squares on the platform.
  • If sitting in a raised seating area, watch your step.

Exiting the G:

At the end of your journey, ensure you exit safely by:

  • Gathering your things before the tram arrives at your stop.
  • Don’t start moving towards the exit until the tram has come to a complete stop.
  • If you are sitting in a raised seating area, watch your step when exiting.
  • Firmly grip a handrail or strap as you exit.
  • If you are sitting in the second and second last tram modules, you can use the stop button to alert the driver that you will be exiting at the next station and may require extra time to disembark.

Safety around the G:

It’s important to be extra vigilant when sharing the road with the G:. Here are some tips to keep you safe:

  • Don’t get distracted! Remove headphones and limit mobile phone use while walking around the tracks. If you’re a motorist, turn down the radio or music in your vehicle so you can hear your surroundings.
  • Tracks are for trams. Don’t walk along the tracks, always use the designated entry and exit points.
  • Check both ways and behind you before crossing the tracks. A tram could be right behind you!
  • If you’re a motorist, only perform U-turns where signed as permitted.

Should you require assistance whilst you’re on the G:link network, every platform has emergency and information points. Please press the button to talk to someone in our control room who will be happy to assist you with your enquiry.

If you have seen something unsafe on or around the G: or you plan on working near light rail, call us on 1800 064 928.