READY OR NOT by Ainslee Palmer

Event Date : 12 April 2024

How to get there

Ride the G: to Cypress Avenue station, walk across Chevron Island Bridge, follow Thomas Drive, turn left onto Stanhill Drive and follow the signs to the Green Bridge.

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Ainslee Palmer’s one-woman solo theatre work READY OR NOT is debuting at HOTA, Home of the Arts on April 10-12.

Imagine it’s 1999, Destiny’s Child is pumping, and fairy bread is the #1 party snack…are you ready to play Musical Chairs?

READY OR NOT is a theatrical retelling of the legacy that remains when innocence is taken away.

In READY OR NOT Ainslee finds her voice in the character of DARLING, a voiceless woman yearning for conversation.

With the support of HOTA, Generate GC and the Regional Arts Development Fund Ainslee has worked with performance mentor Leah Shelton and director Lisa Smith to craft READY OR NOT.

This pilot season is a highly physical, deeply personal fever dream of birthday parties, horse races and Stepfordwives, and an honest and often moving interrogation of what is left behind once ‘closed doors’ are opened.

Whilst the games and sunny dispositions of READY OR NOT play with the audience’s imagination, the real game is in prompting the audience to consider the secrets we keep, the stories we survive, and the light that can still shine through into the darkest of places.